Friday, January 6, 2012

Panoramio Contest: New Categories

Welcome to 2012!

We just released the result of the November Geotagged Photo Contest. The quality of the photos is astonishing. I could not resist comparing the photo from David Fontanelli with our Panoramio logo and I had to really think for a while how Miro Sabo managed to be at 7a.m. at Flue to take this amazing shot of the Matterhorn. I think he stayed in the hut that is located 10min from where he took the photo, but that is only my guess ;)

Since the contest was launched in March of 2008, the categories never changed and we thought it would be a good time for to change that, so I am announcing now that the Panoramio Geotagged Contest will have new categories monthly. We started this month with:

  • Landscapes: Show the beauty of nature from a wide perspective. 
  • Detailed nature: Animals, plants, trees... Show the nature in detail. 
  • Skylines: Skylines are the fingerprints of cities. Each of them is unique and can be captured in many different ways. 
  • Human Constructions: Churches, buildings, roads... Show the world that humans have build.
When you upload a picture at the beginning of the month you will be able to see the new categories for that month and you will have the whole month to try to capture 5 photos that you can submit to the contest during the whole month. Those photos will be voted the following month, and the results will be announced at the beginning of the 3rd. 

Feel free to suggest new categories!

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager