Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your best

Someone told me that the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer is that the good photographer just takes many more bad photos.

When I go on a photo shooting, I take lots of photos. Many of them are worth sharing, but with time only some of them bring me back to the day where I was skiing alone in Davos in the middle of a storm and the clouds just cleared out to show the best light and shadows I have ever experienced in the mountains. Or the day when small crystals were reflecting the light in the best freezing morning. Or the day I was shooting a moon rise in San Francisco from the best possible location and a zeppelin crossed the Transamerican building

Those are the my best moments and from today Panoramio allows me to display them accordingly.

By classifying your photos as best, visitors to your Panoramio page will directly see the photos you care about the most and best being a global tag that will allow the whole Panoramio Community to built the best map with the best photos from each of us.

You can get started in two ways:

Use the “Mark as best” button

We have added a “Mark as best” button under each photo in your Panoramio account. If you click on the button, we will generate a tag best and assign it to that photo. This button is only visible to you when you are Signed In to Panoramio.

Use the tagging functionality
If you already have a best tag, your photos will already be classified as best photos.
If you do not have a best tag, you can create one or click on the “Mark as best” and we will create it for you.

best photos will become your default presentation to others in Panoramio, but other users will obviously be able to visit all your photos by visiting the link all photos:

If you want to opt out from this feature and have all photos as your main point of entry to Panoramio it is as simple as not using the tag best.

We cannot wait to see all the amazing content we will be able to curate as a community so start using the feature today and as always send us your feedback so we can keep improving Panoramio for you. 

Update Feb, 10th: We have iterated this feature by changing the defaults. Please check Best 1.1 for more details.
Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager