Tuesday, March 6, 2012

View photos of the world with the Panoramio App on your Google TV

I came across the geo-tagged photos from Panoramio a while ago when I was looking up a place on the Google Maps. They triggered my interest and I immediately visited Panoramio’s website to view more photos. I searched for any place that came to my mind and saw amazing pictures taken by photographers who had visited those places and shared them on Panoramio. With Google TV and the possibilities it provides, I thought it would be cool to have an app to browse photos from Panoramio right on my TV.

So I made one! 

Check out the new Panoramio app for Google TV.
Whether you’re deciding about that perfect spot for your next vacation or simply want to go on a quick virtual getaway, simply hit Search and enter the name of the place:
The app provides a list of cool places around the world that might fuel your travel inspirations.
Use the carousel on the bottom to quickly and easily browse through several photos or start a slideshow and enjoy the scenic photos at a more relaxed pace.
Happy viewing!

Posted by Megha Joshi, Developer Programs Engineer - Google TV