Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Explore: Panoramio's Approach to Photo Browsing

Share and Explore the world in photos. This is what Panoramio is all about.

We started 2012 with a revamp of the sharing experience in Panoramio with the new Panoramio uploader, so it was about time to change the exploring story with the new Panoramio photo explorer.

The new Panoramio photo explorer has many entry points. You can access it by clicking in a photo from a photo page, you can also access it from any photo from the photo list in Panoramio Groups, or by clicking the “Explore” button from the user page and tags page, with many more options to come. The photo explorer allows you to navigate between photos from a group, photos from a user or photos with a specific tag.

Explore Panoramio photos
Imagine you are exploring photos of Barcelona.  If you find a photo you like a lot, you may want to see more from that photographer. In that case -- just click “Change” and select the photographer’s name. Later, while exploring this photographer, maybe you will find a photo made with a peculiar technique; you click “Change” and see if the photo is in a group that you could explore, or a specific tag you are interested in. And this can go on without end.

Lean back and enjoy
On top of exploring and navigating, the new photo explorer provides you with a lean back experience with millions of amazing photos. Do you have guests for dinner and want to impress them with an amazing frame in your living-room? Then look for your favorite combination of photos in groups, tags or Panoramio photographers and set up the photo explorer in Slideshow mode with full screen view in your TV. You can configure it so photos change every 2sec, 5sec, 10sec, 1min or 5min.

Share your photos with your friends
Do you want to share your latest trip with your friends? Give a tag to the photos you took, open the tag page (example: album of my trip to Schwyz), and click on “Explore” to open the photo explorer. All the URLs can be shared, so just copy it from the browser and send it to your friends.

Did you find already your favorite Slideshow combination? Then share it with us in the comments, in the Panoramio Sightseer section of the Panoramio Forum, or just send it to your friends so they can enjoy it too.

Happy exploring!

Posted by +Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager