Sunday, October 21, 2012

Panoramio: A couple of days in maintenance

We have been working hard during the last months in making Panoramio more stable and reliable for our photo community to continue sharing and enjoying photos of the world.

From today and during a couple of days we need to put Panoramio in read-only mode to make those changes available and it is for this reason that while Panoramio is still accessible, some actions such as uploading a photo will not be available.

The following message will display in Panoramio: "Panoramio is undergoing maintenance. During this time, it is not possible to change any information in Panoramio, such as writing a comment, uploading a photo, or changing your description in the profile"

We expect this to be completed by Thursday, but it may last until Friday when Panoramio will again be fully functional.

While this maintenance tasks are running, we want to thank you for your understanding. Photo processing is not a fast task, so we hope you enjoy these couple of days processing your photos and making them ready for our return.

Update 26th Oct: Maintenance is finished and the site is back to normal state. If there are some problems please report them in this forum post. Many thanks again for the patience while we worked on this maintenance tasks that are needed to keep the site in healthy state. 

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager