Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meet photographers & get more exposure by connecting your Panoramio account to Google+

Today we’re announcing a new feature in Panoramio that provides you with an option to link your Google+ profile to your Panoramio account. This will help you get more exposure for your photographs (pun intended) and enable you to connect with other passionate photographers. With Google Maps Views, we’ve seen panoramic photographers who have really enjoyed interacting both there and on Google+, so we wanted to make this available to everyone on Panoramio as well.

Linking your Google+ account to Panoramio takes just a few seconds. Once you’re signed in, simply look for the promotion on the top of most pages within the Panoramio site. We’ve made it easy for you to add people to your Google+ circles if they’ve linked their accounts, so look for the “Add to Circles” widget throughout the site, such as on your “Favorite Photographers” list.

Many Panoramio users are well-known by a user name that is different than their real name. We know this is important to some of you in the Panoramio community, so we welcome you to use the “nickname” feature in your Google+ profile in addition to your name. To learn more about nicknames or using your initials instead of your full name, please read the Google+ profile names policy.

We hope this new feature will help you interact with and discover more passionate photographers around the web while getting more exposure for your own photos. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or this thread in the Support and Feedback forum.

Posted by Evan Rapoport, Product Manager, Panoramio & Google Maps